kyro richards
in spirit we shall find the truth
Finding the truth in the spiritual world is really what we need.
Never ask a question if you are not ready to hear the truth
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Man on path and doorway with aged clock
Man on path and doorway with aged clock
Man on path and doorway with aged clock
Kyro Richards Psychic medium
Kyro has been dedicated to assist people in need. Whether it is with spiritual healing, hope and or daily needs, Kyro has assisted over 500 families with basic needs and continues to do so. 35% Of funds made through readings, Kyro pushes back into people of need.

Current given:$175 000.00 Earned:$350,000.00

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Kyro Loves to spend $ on
Funds spend is not subjected or limited to the below mentioned.
animals with no medical help

In our daily lives people have been moving on and kept on growing, but animals are sometimes left behind, and others abandoned daily

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Education for the poor

Education is important and the sad part of it all not everyone can have it. And it is something that no one can ever take away from us.

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food for the hungry

From car guards to children in the street, I provide funds to help them have a meal for that night. Putting a smile on a face every day.

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When you think it is all over and you have done everything you can, I am here to tell you it has just started and I can guide you.


Loosing your job can be horrible, even trying to find a new job. This leads to emotional destress and I can lead you on the right path.

Demetr White/Stocksy United

You are constantly feeling like you are under attack and nothing seems to be working out for you? There could be a spiritual reason that this is happening. Contact me and let me see.


To run a business, important choices and decisions need to be made and people around you might get hurt. So let me guide you in the decision making process.